Further South Birmingham consultation

Following on from the South Birmingham consultation that took place earlier this year, National Express West Midlands are undertaking a further consultation on plans for bus services in this area, after receiving over 5000 responses from passengers.

Tom Stables, Managing Director of National Express West Midlands, said:

“I’d like to thank all the thousands of people who gave us feedback in the summer about bus routes in south Birmingham. The network planning team have used this information to draw up options for how services might work better.

“Now we need to hear which options people think are best. Anyone can fill out the consultation on the NX Bus website. Or there are paper copies at our travelshops, bus stations and libraries.

“Traffic congestion is a serious issue for our customers. It slows down their journeys to work, education, healthcare and leisure opportunities.

“And our network needs to respond to the ever-changing nature of this region. New housing, employment and changes to where people want to go means we need to react to – and predict – new travel needs.”

National Express West Midlands is also working closely with Transport for West Midlands and Birmingham City Council to overcome delays caused by increasing traffic. The three organisations are collaborating on modifications such as tweaking traffic light phasing, enforcing bus lanes and introducing some new bus lanes at congestion hotspots.

Please click here to take part and have your say on bus services in South Birmingham.

Any proposed changes will not be implemented until 2018.

The full consultation document can be viewed below:



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