How to report issues with bus stops or shelters

Noticed anything wrong at a bus stop or shelter?

Whether it’s damage, graffitti, vandalism, or incorrect printed timetable information or faulty electronic displays, if it is not reported, then it won’t get fixed or corrected.

West Midlands Combined Authority owns and maintains almost 12,000 bus stops, stands and shelters. Over 1,100 stops and shelters have digital Real Time Information. Many are located at interchanges where other modes of public transport meet, such as at rail stations and Metro stops.

If you notice anything wrong with any bus stop or shelter within the Network West Midlands area, there is an easy to use online form that can be completed. Click the button below to begin.

Here are a couple of examples I have reported myself previously.

A few years ago, a bus stop shelter was replaced on the Warwick Road in Acocks Green, Birmingham. For some unknown reason, the printed timetable that was inserted into the display showed times for bus services in Old Hill. That was reported to Network West Midlands, and after a bit of amusement from local bus passengers, it was soon replaced with the correct printed timetable for the 37 service (as it was at the time, now of course the 4 / 4A services).

Also a while back, some concern was raised when bus stop flags were replaced on Wake Green Road in Moseley, Birmingham, in the new ‘West Midlands Buses’ design, but showing NOT IN USE. This was clearly an error, as there had been no change to the route or stopping locations of the 5 service along this road.

More recently, last week I noticed that a bus stop flag had been replaced on Trittiford Road in Billesley, this was in the new ‘West Midlands Buses’ design, but only listed services 27, 69 and 76, omitting the 3 service which also calls there. Again clearly an error, but having reported this, I have been informed it will be replaced soon.

Our aim is that dangerous faults will be made safe within 24 hours of you submitting your report. All other defects will be scheduled for attention or repair within five working days or fall within our planned maintenance programme.

My examples may seem ‘trivial’ to some people, but of course, if there are serious issues such as broken glass panels, or exposed electrics, anything considered ‘dangerous’, will of course be attended to as a priority.

If you notice anything wrong, please don’t just walk on by and assume that someone else will ‘deal with it’. It’s up to all of us to highlight things that are wrong, and report them so they can be attended to.


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