3 and 7 day capping now on Swift Go

Swift Go, the flexible travel smartcard from TfWM, is now even more flexible with the introduction of 3 and 7 day fare capping.

Reasons to choose Swift Go

  • Even better than the flexible ticket you’ve been asking us for
  • New! Great value for your travel with 3 & 7-day capping
  • Multi operator use (All trams & most buses)
  • The hybrid work essential accessory
  • Tap and Go – we’ll bill you later
  • No need to research tickets before you travel
  • The new, smart & contact-free way to travel around the West Midlands

About Swift Go

With Swift Go, you can make as many journeys as you like. At the end of the day, we’ll check what journeys you’ve made. Then we’ll work out what you should pay.

We’ll only charge you up to the cost of a day ticket, or a weekly ticket if you’ve travelled for 7 days. This is called capping.

For example, if you take 10 buses in a day, we’ll cap you. This means we’ll only charge you for a day ticket. This can work out cheaper than buying single tickets when you need to travel.

Additionally, If you travel to work for flexible or hybrid working our 3-day cap will allow you to get amazing value for your travel. 

Swift Go is useful if you travel with lots of different operators. If you only travel with one operator, it might be easier for you to use contactless payment cards instead.

Swift Go can be used on the Metro tram service, as well as the majority of bus operators in the West Midlands area.

Purple sticker with a 'Swift Go Accepted' notice. This sticker is shown on the side of a bus.
Look out for the Swift Go sticker before you get on your bus.

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