Coventry service changes – Sunday 29th August 2021

As previously reported here, as well as many services returning to normal timetables following the schools summer holiday period, there are going to be changes to some services in the Coventry area.

Full details can be found at the NX Coventry website, some selected highlights I will list below.

Service 1 (Walsgrave to Chapelfields)

Route revised to operate between Coventry city centre and Chapelfields. Route to University Hospital replaced by revised 85 service.

NEW service 2 (City Centre to Tile Hill)

New service replaces the 10 between city centre and Tile Hill South.

NEW service 5A (City Centre to Coundon)

New service to Kingsbury Road via Barker Butts Lane

Service 7 (City Centre to Brownshill Green)
NEW service 7A (Bell Green to Coundon)

Service 7 revised to operate directly along Holyhead Road instead of Barker Butts Lane. Extends to Bell Green to partially replace services 10 / 10A which will be withdrawn.

New service 7A runs from Kingsbury Road via Holyhead Road to city centre, continuing via Sewall Highway to Bell Green.

Service 9 / 9A (Green Lane to University Hospital)

Route revised to operate directly along Warwick Road and Leamington Road. Stoney Road and Humphrey Bartons Road will be served by new 19 service.

Service 10 / 10A (Bell Green to Tile Hill / Westwood Business Park)

10 and 10A will be withdrawn, replaced by revised service 7, and new services 2, 7A and 19.

NEW service 19 (City Centre to Westwood Business Park)

New service 19 replaces service 10A which will be withdrawn. Route runs via Stoney Road, Humphrey Burtons Road, Leamington Road and Kenpas Highway, instead of Kenilworth Road.

NEW service 24 (City Centre to Tile Hill)

New service 24 replaces service 539 which will be withdrawn.

NEW service 25 / 25A (Coventry to Rugby / Bourton)

New services to replace service 580 which will be withdrawn.

Service 85 / 85A (Coventry to Rugby)

Service 85A is withdrawn, with all journeys renumbered as 85. Route revised to serve Century Park and Binley Road, replacing the revised 1 service.

Service 539 (Coventry to Kenilworth)

Service withdrawn, replaced by new service 24.

Service 580 (Coventry to Rugby)

Service withdrawn, replaced by new services 25 and 25A

For full details and new timetables for all changed services, please refer to the NX Coventry website.


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