Diamond launch new “Tap And Go” flexible fares

Today (4th August 2021) Diamond Buses have introduced a new innovative way of ensuring passengers get the best value for the journeys they make.

“Tap And Go” works in a similar way to using an Oyster card when travelling on the Underground and Overground trains in London, where you ‘tap’ your card on entering a station, then ‘tap’ again when you exit, then the system works out your fare based on where you have travelled to and from.

Diamond’s system works in a similar way, you just tap your contactless card when boarding, then tap again when you get off. Depending on how often you travel, fares will be capped at daily, 3day and weekly rates.

From 4th August our new flexible fares solution will launch on Diamond services in the West Midlands and Worcestershire. With Tap&Go, you simply Tap On the bus when you board with your contactless card or device, then simply Tap Off again when you leave the bus. Do this each time you travel on our services and we’ll calculate the best fare for the journeys you have taken.

As part of our new flexible fares options you will be able to cap at Single, Day and Week fares. We will also be offering a new Tap&Go 3-day capped ticket in our West Midlands Zone. Tap&Go is the ideal solution if your working patterns have changed recently and you dont need to travel all week long.  

Tap&Go fares are capped at Adult prices, Child fare capping is not available, however there are still lots of ways for youngsters to get great value travel with Diamond Bus, standard Child tickets will remain on-board or why not try buying M-tickets through the Diamond Bus App, which has cheaper options on selected tickets.

We are committed to offering the best value prices for travel on our services, which is why we are excited to introduce this new feature into our ticketing range. It allows the passenger to be flexible with the number of days they travel and where they travel to, as our system will also calculate which fares zones you have travelled in and charge you the appropriate fare.

You don’t have to decide which product to buy before you travel, There’s no need to carry a ticket with you, just remember for the best value – Tap On and Tap Off with the same payment card each time and we’ll work it out for you!

Diamond Bus – “New Tap&Go Fares Launch on 4th August”

The new benefit would appear to be that Diamond passengers can now just simply tap their card to board, rather than requesting a specific ticket from the driver first before presenting a contactless card for payment, so this becomes more akin to how passengers use contactless cards on NX buses.

The advantage over NX Bus is that by tapping on and off, passengers who only make a couple of stops on their journey will pay the relevant ‘short hop’ fare, which NX Bus don’t currently support.

Diamond passengers can of course continue to buy selected tickets with their contactless card by requesting them from the driver.

Further details and FAQs can be found at Diamond’s website: New Tap&Go Fares Launch on 4th August


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