Timetable changes from Sunday 3rd October 2021

National Express West Midlands have announced that from Sunday 3rd October 2021, a number of routes will have new timetables introduced.

The changes mainly affect high frequency routes which will see a slight frequency decrease.

The main reason for the changes is to ensure ‘consistency and reliability’.

While traffic congestion is much increased, causing delays to service operations, passenger numbers have still not quite recovered to pre-pandemic levels yet.

There may of course be other reasons for these changes, which I’m not prepared to speculate upon at this time.

The full list of services with timetable changes can of course be found at the NX West Midlands website.

See: https://nxbus.co.uk/west-midlands/service-updates/timetable-frequency-changes-from-sunday-3rd-october-2021

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