NX Travelshops closing from 29th October

National Express will be permanently closing their Travelshops after Friday 29th October 2021, due to the changing ways that passengers are buying tickets and passes and accessing travel information.

Over the past few years the retail landscape on the high street has changed dramatically with more and more people buying online or through mobile apps. This rate of change has accelerated during the pandemic.

As a result of these changes we will be increasing the level of support we give customers online, at our ticket agents, via Payzone, and on the phone. But at the same time we have taken the difficult decision to close our travel shops.

A massive thank you goes out to everyone in the travelshop team who have gone above and beyond so many times over the years for our customers. The past 18 months have been especially challenging, but to successfully reopen, keeping both customers and each other safe has been nothing short of fantastic.

NX Bus: “Our travelshops will be closing”

The travelshops are currently located on Corporation Street in Birmingham city centre, and at Coventry, Dudley, Walsall and West Bromwich bus stations.

Passengers currently using these shops can seek advice on how to buy passes and find timetable information on their next visit.

The travel centre at Wolverhampton bus station is managed by TfWM and will continue to open as normal.

Renewing of weekly/monthly tickets or topping up pay-as-you-go Swift cards can of course be done online, or at any PayZone retailer or Post Office, so there’s bound to be some local shop near to you.

This shouldn’t be a massive inconvenience to many bus users, but I do appreciate there are still a number of less ‘tech-savvy’ types, or those who prefer to seek travel advice ‘face-to-face’ in person.

With regards to printed timetable leaflets, I understand these will still continue to be produced, and should still be available to pick up from bus stations as well as local libraries. But even these will eventually be phased out I feel, with schedules changing on a regular basis, it can’t be cost-effective to continue to produce printed leaflets.

What do you think? How do you feel about the closure of these Travelshops? Do you rely on them to buy tickets and/or get travel information? Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to say about this.

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26 days ago

I rely on the travels shops as do a lot of old people I know.

I know of an NX employee who is campaigning to keep printed timetables.

So I think they will be missed.

At the moment libraries are not sticking any timetables down to covid. I also doubt that libraries will stock timetables anymore!

Last edited 26 days ago by Carl
Richard Jones
Richard Jones
26 days ago

Quite simply a sign of the times. The last time I was in a NXWM Travelshop was December 2019 & don’t hold any current TfWM leaflets. I doubt any of them will be missed. In Worcestershire Midland Red West closed all thier Travelshops over a decade ago in Kidderminster, Worcester & Redditch. Swift was the final nail in the coffin I am surprised just how many passengers each day have either a SwiftCard or the NXWM app to pay. This is a measure of how thick our Mayor, Andy Street is I remember in West Bromwich International Transport Interchange or whatever stupid name TfWM have for it explaining to The Mayor about the West Bromwich Travelshop on a visit he was speechless thank goodness Birmingham Mail were there to take his photograph…………

25 days ago
Reply to  Richard Jones

I find that hard to believe really as I regually popped into all travelshops ever couple of week prior to the pandemic hitting and they always had stocks of timetables for whichever route.

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