Changes to 94 and 95 diversion route in Saltley

From Thursday 25th August 2022 for approximately three weeks, the 94 and 95 services will be changing diversion routes due to delays caused by the existing diversion. 

Saltley Viaduct is currently closed while emergency repair work is carried out. Services 14, 94 and 95 are currently diverting via Heartlands Parkway, Aston Church Road and Washwood Heath Road.

From Birmingham

Services 94 and 95 will turn left from Aston Church Road onto Washwood Heath Road to continue normal line of route. Bus stops at Sandway Gardens, Hutton Road and Saltley Gate will not be served by the 94 and 95 during this time. 

Service 14 will continue to turn right from Aston Church Road onto Washwood Heath Road before rejoining normal line of route along Alum Rock Road.

Towards Birmingham

Basically reverse of the above, 94 and 95 will not serve Saltley Gate, however the diverted 14 service will maintain a link to city centre.


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