Service and timetable changes from 1st January 2023

Many bus services across the region will be having timetable changes implemented from Sunday 1st January 2023, and there will also be a number of bus services that will be withdrawn or altered following a review of tendered service provisions and contract renewals.

Most timetable changes will be minor, and just ‘tweaked’ to improve service reliability, and in some cases frequencies will be improved.

There are far too many major changes to detail in one article though, so for the benefit of keeping things relevant for those bus users in specific areas, I have detailed what I know so far about changes and service withdrawals in posts on our Community Forums, which can be added to as new details emerge, as things are still not quite finalised, even though we are running out of 2022!

On the whole, things don’t look as bad as was made out earlier in the year – some bus services have been withdrawn, but this was due to very low passenger numbers, and alternative services are already available. But in many cases, changes and revisions to bus services should prove to be beneficial to bus passengers, and there are some positives to take away – for example the replacement for the withdrawn 69 service sees an extended timetable with more daytime journeys added, and the replacement for the 58 service has Sunday journeys added for the first time. The 96 service gets extended to Birmingham Airport for the benefit of those who work there, and the revised 46 service provides a quicker link from Weoley Castle to QE Hospital even on Sundays.

As NX West Midlands declined to bid for most of these tender contracts, it also means that drivers and vehicles have been freed up, and can be allocated to other routes instead, which helps alleviate driver shortage issues and means that some popular services see a welcome frequency increase to boost capacity.

The lack of bus operators to bid on contract tenders has provided some unusual outcomes – Kevs of Bromsgrove will be operating into Birmingham city centre for the first time, The Green Bus make a return to public bus services, and of course Stagecoach Midlands will be making their first forays into Birmingham territory.

Links to the forum discussion topics are found below, and I hope that anyone who wishes to comment takes the time to sign up for our community and join in, that’s why I set this all up in the first place!

Timetables effective from 1st January 2023 are starting to appear at the TfWM Timetables website, and will also soon be available from operator’s own websites as well as


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