Full service finally for hydrogen buses

After what seems like an eternity, from today (Sunday 23rd July) it is expected that the hydrogen buses at Walsall will finally see full service, and as well as appearing on the 51 route between Birmingham and Walsall, will also start to appear on other Walsall routes to Birmingham (934, 935, 936, 937, 997 and X51).

Up to 6 will be used on Sundays, while up to 17 will be available on other days.

The buses first started entering service in December 2021, although various issues meant that only a small number could be used each day, then they were all taken out of service for several months due to a manufacturer recall.

I was beginning to wonder at one point whether NX Bus would consider abandoning the idea of buying more hydrogen buses and handing these ones back to Birmingham City Council, who bought these vehicles with Government grant funding, due to question marks over the volatility of hydrogen fuel prices.

Anyway, it seems that hurdles have been overcome, and it is pleasing to see that most of these will now be actively used in service most days.

A further 100 of these Wrightbus Hydroliners are due to be ordered and into service within the next two years.

Featured image (c) Tony Hunter, WM Buses In Photos, used as always with permission


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