Changes to nNetwork and nTrain ticket prices from 3rd March 2024

In line with general rail fare increases, there will be changes to the price of nNetwork and nTrain tickets from 3rd March.

TfWM’s nNetwork ticket allows unlimited travel on all buses within the nBus area, as well as Metro tram services and rail services within the West Midlands rail zones.

TicketNew price from 3 March 2024
1 week (Zones 1-5)£40
4 week (Zones 1-5)£141
Monthly Direct Debit (Zones 1-5) £124

If you pay for your network or train ticket via direct debit, the new pricing will be applied from 3rd March 2024. 

All tickets will be updated with new pricing on the TfWM Ticket Finder website from 3 March 2024.


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