TfWM removing all on-street Swift collectors from 1st June 2024

Two years ago, I published the below article about how TfWM were removing a large number of Swift collectors installed at bus stops, while leaving a select few at strategic locations.

It would seem that TfWM are now in the process of removing the last ones remaining, if they have not gone already.

From 1 June 2024 we will be removing all the on-street Swift Collectors

This is to improve the flexibility of collecting tickets by offering customers a much more efficient digital journey. If you prefer to collect in person, you can still do this in person at Swift Ticket Machines.

If you currently use on-street Collectors, you must change how you collect your Swift top-ups.

The best way to collect is by downloading the TfWM app and using the ‘Collector’ function. No sign-up is required, and you can also use a friend or family member’s app to collect your product.  

You can also collect at Swift Ticket Machines at Bus Stations.

Never collect again by setting up Swift Go.

“How you collect your Swift top-ups is changing” – Transport for West Midlands

For the amount of people who used them, it appears that the cost of maintaining and replacing these Collector devices just wasn’t worth it, and as pointed out in a comment on the older article, the contract to supply and maintain these had already expired.

Most people now have some kind of NFC (near field communication) enabled smartphone, and it is easy enough to install the TfWM app and use the Swift Collector feature.

And for those without smartphones, Swift tickets can be bought from the Swift machines at bus stations, as well as hundreds of PayZone retailers across the region.


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