About Us

“West Midlands Bus Users” (WMBU) is an independent website providing news, information and links to general resources for the purpose of assisting and informing bus users throughout the West Midlands area.

We are also a social community, giving bus users a platform to air their views and to discuss issues and concerns about public transport provision within the region with other bus users.

We do not operate any bus services and do not represent any particular bus operator or transport authority in the region.


WMBU was established as a Facebook page in August 2012 following a decision by National Express West Midlands – the regions largest bus operator – to close ‘visitor posts’ on their own page, thus denying bus users an opportunity to ask questions and express opinions of this bus operator, so I decided to set up my own page so people could do just that.

The WMBU website was initially launched in September 2013 building on the success of the Facebook page. It has continued in its present form since a relaunch in April 2017.

Since that time, the website has further grown, with article contributions from guest authors, and in November 2019 a new community forum area was added, with the aim of giving bus users in the West Midlands region a truly independent platform to have their say on bus services in the area and to engage with other bus users in discussions, with the ultimate goal of involving bus operators and transport organisations in these discussions also.

2020 and beyond…

In January 2020, the community aspect of the website was expanded further with the introduction of more ‘social-media’ functionality, including the ability to set up ‘groups’, both public and private, which members can be invited to join.

This initially didn’t work out, due to some functionality issues, so a seperate ‘stand-alone’ discussion forum was added to the website in April 2020. However this also failed to take off, so along with its own technical issues, it was withdrawn in July 2020.

A decision was made to invest in a new ‘platform’, that would be better integrated into the existing website, and would function in a way that put the bus user community at the ‘heart’ of the website, rather than as an ‘off-shoot’.

The goal remained as before, to make WMBU an open-platform for bus users to share their concerns, suggestions and feedback (good or bad) regarding bus services and operators within the West Midlands region.

2021 – service withdrawn

In June 2021, due to a lack of community engagement, plus a lack of free time on my own part, I decided to close the WMBU Community, though I kept the site up in some form for occasional opinion pieces as well as news of interest.

2021 – service reinstated

By October 2021, I realised I may have been too hasty in my decision to close the Community, and the lack of interest may have been down to fewer people using buses during the worst period of the pandemic. While passenger numbers had started to recover, they were down on pre-pandemic levels, and decisions started to be made by bus operators to change services without any public consultation.

Early in November 2021, I woke from a dream one morning, which told me that I needed to start this all up again, as it was going to become needed. So the Community was resurrected, with a clean fresh look, but with the same vision and ambition as before.

So, we’re back, lets all get together, and make this work!


WMBU is a fully independent website, the costs of running it are met privately by myself, it is not funded by any advertising or sponsorship, user data is not shared with or sold to any third-party, and I am not remunerated for any articles or submissions posted here, and likewise contributions from other authors are submitted on a voluntary basis and not remunerated in any way.

Unless otherwise stated, any opinions expressed in articles on this website are either my own, or those of the relevant author, and article submissions are in no way sponsored by or an endorsement of any bus operator or transport organisation body.

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