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“West Midlands Bus Users” (WMBU) is an independent website providing news, information and links to general resources for the purpose of assisting and informing bus users throughout the West Midlands area.

We do not operate any bus services and do not represent any particular bus operator or transport authority in the region.


WMBU is a fully independent website, the costs of running it are met privately by myself, it is not funded by any advertising or sponsorship, user data is not shared with or sold to any third-party, and I am not remunerated for any articles or submissions posted here, and likewise contributions from other authors are submitted on a voluntary basis and not remunerated in any way.

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From October 2023 news articles and press releases reproduced on this site from other sources will be attributed/credited to the original author with a link to the source, no copyright infringement is intended. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any media releases you’d like to be circulated.