Advice on travelling safely by bus during lockdown

The first step on the UK government’s ‘roadmap’ to easing of current lockdown restrictions sees schools reopening from Monday 8th March 2021. I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind all about the current advice and guidelines that have been issued to ensure passengers can travel safely on public transport in the West Midlands. Advice … Read more

Face coverings on public transport

I’m getting a few people contacting me through the Contact Form on this website to ask questions about why people aren’t wearing face coverings or why drivers aren’t challenging people and enforcing this. First of all, the contact form is for people to get in touch with general enquiries regarding content presented on this website. … Read more

How to report issues with bus stops or shelters

Noticed anything wrong at a bus stop or shelter? Whether it’s damage, graffitti, vandalism, or incorrect printed timetable information or faulty electronic displays, if it is not reported, then it won’t get fixed or corrected. West Midlands Combined Authority owns and maintains almost 12,000 bus stops, stands and shelters. Over 1,100 stops and shelters have digital … Read more