Bus Services: use them or lose them!

Through the course of the previous lockdown, bus operators received grant funding from the UK Government in order to keep services running while passenger numbers were down. Fewer passengers were making journeys, as they were either working from home, unable to work, or unable to travel to see friends/family or shop at ‘non-essential’ retail stores … Read more

Service Changes coming August 29th 2021 – lack of consultation is concerning

I understand that there are going to be a number of service changes taking place from Sunday August 29th 2021, across Birmingham, the Black Country and Coventry, as well as services reverting to pre-summer holiday timetables. While no details have yet been officially announced, eagle-eyed enthusiasts at the WM Buses In Photos forum have already … Read more

Welcome to the new look WMBU website!

With more and more people returning to some semblance of normality, more people are returning to public transport, so it seemed a perfect time to relaunch and revitalise my West Midlands Bus Users (WMBU) website. Rather than just be a typical ‘blog’ site, for some time I have wanted to expand the scope of this … Read more