Community Standards & Guidelines

We anticipate that most members here will understand the principle of ‘common sense’, so our community guidelines & standards are going to be fairly straight-forward, compared to some other well-known social media platforms.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression is encouraged here, and all opinions deserve to be heard, and others are free to disagree with those opinions as long as it is done in a fair and open manner.

However the following will be seriously frowned upon and will result in members accounts being removed without warning:

  • Overt or otherwise blatant racism or hate-speech
  • Bullying, harrassment, abuse or excessive use of foul language
  • Sexual or pornographic imagery
  • ‘Spam’, marketing, or advertising
  • Incitement to violence, or encouraging acts of criminality
  • Repeatedly sharing or posting content that is irrelevant to or inappropriate for the purpose of this Community

Members are expected to keep any discussions and activity here civilised and well-mannered, and to respect the opinions and views of others, even if they disagree with them.


  • Please do not post your own email address, telephone number or home address in any publicly visible Community activity (forum post, social/group update etc). and likewise do not provide this information belonging to anyone else unless you have their explicit consent or if that information is already publicly known (eg an MP or local councillor’s website contact details). If you wish other members to contact you privately, this can be done through our Private Messaging facility.
  • Please do not attempt to present any ‘rumours’ you may have heard as ‘facts’. While such rumours are always open for discussion, and can sometimes be a bit of harmless fun to speculate upon, some kinds of ‘gossip’ can be potentially damaging, especially if ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ is being spread, either knowingly or unwittingly.

What do I do if I see inappropriate content or material posted here?

If you see any content or material posted here, or if you receive any private message, that you feel is inappropriate or suspicious, please use the Report links to notify a moderator or admin, so that any action can be taken (if required).