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Happy New Year To You All from the 13A

Richard Jones
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Off for my final swim 🏊‍♀️ of the year on the 13A it became an end of the year to remember. 

PN were operating the 13A as they do unfortunately at times & the female driver had misjudged the gap between 2 Coop Delivery Lorries & got the B7 wedged stuck between them  & was honking the horn to attract attention as she can't open the doors to get out its hilarious how incompetent she is.
After bursting into tears a driver moved his vehicle to get her out of the mess . There are normally totally useless idiots driving for NXWM mainly arrogant rude yobs who a frankly a disgrace on the X8 but this individual was beyond a joke. 
Got the same B7 on the 12A & driver coming back I helpfully said she needs a CPC refresher before she kills someone when I got on!
On getting off at Oldbury International Transport Interchange I wished her a happy new year after she hit the kurb on the approach after a dangerous monevour by Langley Station and left her with the comment that her new years resolution would be to perhaps look for a more suitable employment position. 
I have reported all this to Sarah Jones at Transport for West Midlands for her to look into the white knuckle ride that was the 13A & 12A at the end of the year.
Thankfully I was able to leave behind the sheer hell that is West Midlands Travel and safely return home on the utterly professional and always excellent Diamond Bus on the 4H what would we do in Blackheath without thier high levels of excellence and total professionalism.
Have a Good New Years Eve 🥳 
Happy New Year 🎉
Richard ☃️ 
Topic starter Posted : 31/12/2021 5:54 pm