Bus Data

The more ‘hardcore’ bus spotting enthusiasts might be interested in the launch of a new database containing the history of over 500,000 buses in the United Kingdom

Busdata is a computer database which contains histories of all known psv and non-psv buses, coaches and minibuses, and operators, in the British Isles (UK, Ireland, IoM, Channel Isles)  from the mid 1980s to the present day, as well as details of many non-UK vehicles and operators.  It also contains much historical information from before 1985.  Additional historical information is constantly being added.

The Busdata database is normally updated every month.  It currently contains details of around 500,000 vehicles and their histories.  It is believed to be the most comprehensive database of modern  vehicles in existance.

The database is available to the bus enthusiast community principally via the main product Busview, which is available to purchase here as an annual subscription


Busdata has been developed since the mid-1980s.  Originally outputs from the database were only available in the form of paper lists which were marketed to enthusiasts from the late 1980s onwards.  In the early 2000s this was developed into the Busview program available to use on PCs and Laptops. The database and the Busview program were developed by Roger Storr.  In 2018, Roger decided to retire and ceased to market Busview.  The database continued to be maintained and kept up-to-date, however, and in early 2019, the database and the rights to market its products were purchased by Busdata Ltd.  This is a consortium of enthusiasts including members of the team who had been assisting Roger in maintaining the database.  Roger continues to be an active member of the team.

Busview is aimed at the enthusiast wanting comprehensive information about vehicles and operators.  It currently contains current and historic information for over 500,000 vehicles and the information is growing monthly.

This is a massive database that you can install on your computer to help you find the data you need.  It is fully up-to-date for all areas of the British Isles.  You can use it as a reference, or you can also use it to record your own notes, sightings, details of photos, vehicle movements etc. Busview works through the Windows environment and to use it you will need to buy an annual subscription.

For further details and to sign up for a subscription or download a free 7 day trial, please see the Bus Data website.