SWIFT Smartcard

SWIFT is the new easy and flexible way of travelling around the West Midlands.

There are four types of SWIFT card available:

Pay As You Go

The cashless way to buy single or day tickets for use on buses and the Metro.

  • Cheaper tickets than paying with cash
  • No need to find exact change
  • No photo, share with friends or family when you’re not using it
  • Auto top-up available, never run out of credit

Season Tickets

Most weekly, monthly and annual passes for travel on buses, Metro and trains are now only issued on SWIFT.

  • Great for commuters and students who travel often
  • Requires a photo – only you can use it
  • Easy to buy and renew online
  • Spread the cost with Direct Debit

Multi Day Tickets

A SWIFT card loaded with 5, 10 or 15 day tickets for all day travel on bus services.

  • Great for flexible or part time workers
  • Cheaper than buying a ticket on the day
  • Buy online or at your local Travel Centre
  • No photo, share with friends or family when not using it


Swift Go is here to cut out the confusion. This product takes away the need to understand which ticket to buy for your journey. A product, designed for those who don’t travel the traditional, Monday – Friday commute.

Once you’ve set up an account, choose how you want to pay, and use your Swift card each time you travel on the bus or tram. At the end of each day, we’ll calculate the cost, based on the number of journeys you’ve made and cap the price.

This could work out cheaper and more convenient than buying single or day tickets each time you need to travel.

Find out more information on the various types of SWIFT card available and how to use at the SWIFT website.