There are a variety of ticket types and ways to pay, depending on how often you travel and when.

Cash tickets

You can pay the driver as you board the bus. Please ensure you have a selection of coins ready, as not all operators can give change.

You can buy a single ticket if you are making just one journey.

If you are making more than one bus journey during the course of the day, it will be more cost effective to buy a day ticket. The nBus ticket allows unlimited bus travel on all bus operators’ services all day. Other operators may offer their own day ticket, for use on their own services only, such as the NX Bus Daysaver.

Some operators may offer special return tickets for use on particular services only.

SWIFT Pay As You Go

The SWIFT Pay As You Go (PAYG) card is a smartcard that acts as an ‘electronic wallet’ that you can use to buy single and day tickets, so you never need to hunt around for the right change again.

Tickets purchased with a SWIFT card are cheaper than if paid with cash, so this is a good way to save a little money if you’re only an occasional traveller.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payments are available on all buses operated by Diamond Bus and NX Bus, as well as Arriva, Stagecoach and First.

On Diamond Buses, you’ll need to tell the driver which ticket you require when tapping your card.

On NX Buses, simply tap your card every time you board a bus – your first tap will be charged at the standard single fare rate, if you use the same card any other number of times that day you’ll be charged the standard Daysaver rate.

Smartphone Apps

NX Bus, Diamond, Arriva, First and Stagecoach all have their own apps, with which you can buy “M-tickets”, which can be stored on your smartphone and shown to the driver as you board.

You can also use Google Pay or Apple Pay as a contactless payment method on NX Bus, Diamond and First Bus services.

Season Tickets/Passes

For passengers who use the bus regularly, you can make further savings on the cost of travel by purchasing a seasonal ticket, which is valid for a week, month or even year.

If you regularly make 6 single journeys a week, or are buying at least 3 day tickets a week, a weekly pass will work out cheaper for you, and a monthly pass will save you more.

Season tickets paid for by direct debit will also see a cost saving.

Off-peak Tickets

Passengers who will only be travelling after 9:30am (and all day weekends) can benefit from cheaper off-peak ticket prices.


Children up to the age of 5 travel free when accompanied by an adult.

Children between the ages of 5 and 15 pay reduced fares.

If you are aged 16 or over, you must pay the full adult fare. Students aged between 16-18 can however buy child-rate tickets with a 16-18 photocard, which can be obtained from your college or place of education.

Ticket Inspection

Please keep your printed ticket as you may be asked to present it to ticket inspectors or other bus operator’s member of staff. You must have a valid ticket or pass in order to travel on buses, and you will be liable to pay a ‘penalty fare’ if you are caught.

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