Transport for West Midlands

In June 2016, Centro and the Integrated Transport Authority were dissolved, being replaced by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).

WMCA is made up of representatives from local authorities across the region, including the three West Midlands Local Enterprise Partnerships and is responsible for formulating transport strategy and policy. The Authority is already developing exciting and innovative projects led by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) – the transport arm of the Combined Authority. The Transport Delivery Committee, made up of 19 West Midlands Councillors, is responsible for delivering the transport policies agreed by WMCA.

TfWM, working in partnership with bus operators, train operators and West Midlands Metro, is delivering major public transport schemes and improvements to bus, rail and tram services.

Network West Midlands was a partnership between TfWM and the bus, train and tram operators to help passengers get around and access the information they need.

TfWM does not operate bus or train services, but it does run bus stations, provide bus shelters and subsidise socially necessary bus services. It also funds free travel for older and disabled people and half-price travel for the under 16s. TfWM does however own and directly operates the West Midlands Metro tram services.

Private companies operate bus and train services in the West Midlands. All these partners work together to provide better passenger information and improve services through Network West Midlands.

In 2020, the ‘Network West Midlands’ brand name was subtly renamed as ‘West Midlands Network’ (WM Network). In June 2021, the WM Network brand was dropped, and its functions will become encompassed within the Transport For West Midlands branding.

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