The Government’s scheme that caps single journey bus fares in England at £2 will be extended again until the end of October 2023, which means that bus passengers can continue to make a single bus journey that will cost no more than £2.

From 1st November 2023 the scheme changes with the maximum fare cap increasing to £2.50 until 30th November 2024.

This means the scheme effectively ends in the West Midlands county, where the maximum single fare amount is set by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) at £2.40. TfWM have previously stated that bus fares will remain frozen until 2025 so this is unlikely to be increased.

A list of operators participating in the scheme can be found on the following page at the UK Government website:

Some TfWM contracted services registered after October 2022 are exempt from this scheme and are listed in the above link.

Passengers making multiple journeys a day may still be better off buying a day ticket, or if using a contactless bank card, fares are capped at a daily rate per operator when using ‘tap and go’.