New West Midlands Bus style bus shelter and timetable

Following the end of the school summer holiday period, most bus services will revert back to normal schedules from Sunday 3rd September 2023, with some having minor changes to improve reliability.

Some other changes taking place from the same date that I am aware of are listed below.

24 – Coventry to Tile Hill (via Kenilworth)

New timetable with revised stopping places between Coventry and Kenilworth. The section between Kenilworth and Tile Hill will no longer be served.

82 – Solihull to Coventry

Following completion of M42 bridge works, service reverts to previous routing between Catherine-de-Barnes and Hampton-in-Arden, no longer serving Eastcote. Also resumes serving Parkhill Drive terminus again. New timetable available here.

96 – Kingstanding to Chelmsley Wood/Birmingham Airport

New timetable will be introduced to help with reliability issues.

New timetable available here.

A15 – Shirley Station to Lyndon
A16 – Acocks Green to Yardley Swan Island

Service A16 will be withdrawn, much of its route will be incorporated into a new extended A15 service, which will operate from Shirley station to Solihull town centre, via Robin Hood, Acocks Green, Lyndon, Hobs Moat and Lode Heath. Yardley Swan Island, Warwick Road and Olton station will no longer be served.

Map and timetable available here.

X12 – Birmingham to Solihull (via Birmingham Airport)

Following feedback received, buses travelling towards Birmingham will continue to serve the Airport terminal as normal, but will then use Station Link Road to serve Birmingham International Station. Buses will use stop SA at the interchange, before continuing along Station Way and Bickenhill Lane to rejoin the normal line of route. 


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2 months ago

Richard and NX. I am a typical Smethwick bus user I go to Smethwick High St, Bearwood, Oldbury, Cape Hill and West Brom. Not just West Brom πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ a bus like 48 doing less benefits nobody and puts most general users off as they can get to some places more than others. People in Smethwick have always needed a mix of services as even in the same week they go to a mix of places. The current services and network puts people off and isnt flexible its why less use them now. As I have said before each Sandwell centre has different shops and facilities. Providing one bus going to a few centres never worksπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

2 months ago

Sorry Richard you and NX are wrong here and put off loads of bus users in Smethwick. I myself am purchasing a car so I can drive to Bearwood and Oldbury in 10mins without trapsing 20mins to buses or struggling on and off buses. The fact the 48 doesnt go to Smethwick High St put off loads of Smethwick bus users. Many now have no access to Bearwood for shops, Warley Woods, Lighthouse Park Harborne or QE. Equally people in Bearwood and Warley have no access to High St for jobcentre, 87, main library and archives, banks and trains. NX said people complained (which there is no real evidence and the numbers complaining was miniscule) more complained it didnt go there and I have heard constant complaints of no direct bus between Smethwick and Bearwood. Despite the fact 48 would still go to West Brom and provide far more benefits than its current route down West Park Rd (which provide no benefits at all apart from going to West Brom 5mins quicker) – no care I see for the countless Smethwick residents who have to walk 15-20mins extra or 15-20mins added to their journeys getting two buses I see πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ™„

3 months ago

Sorry Richard Jones but you, TfWM, NX and Diamond all in the wrong here. You have left our section of Smethwick with 89 and no alternatives within walking distance by taking off 55 and Bearwood and Oldbury buses. We have no access to Oldbury, Bearwood or Warley at sll to access basic shops and facilities snd you wonder why nobody is using the services πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ the 48/48a is nowhere near us its 15-20mins walk uphill from most roads by me. Way to far to be usable and 21 Diamond is even further. People in Manor Rd have 89, 21, 12, 48/48a, 87 and 80 all within short walking distance, so its clear you NX and TfWM have no idea on walking distances in Smethwick. You clearly dont care about our area despite loads of elderly and disabled living up the slopes. Get a grip Richard!

3 months ago

Amazing Richard Jones as you/TfWM and NX given the 54/54a along St Pauls Rd in Smethwick despite the fact that road doesnt need it as there is 87 and 80 3mins walk away and 89 at one end and 48/48a at the other. From Mallin St the 80 and 87 is 2mins walk away. Meanwhile our sloped roads further away have one 30mins bus in 89 that barely turns up and a good 15-20mins walk to High St and Queens Head. Even 48/48a is 15-20mins from most people. Its clear you and NX dont care abput passengers and certainly dontcare about Smethwick and its bus network. You should be ashamed and should trying living by us and how bad it compares to other areas. No wonder less are using buses πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ